Looking to know what are the best cars that have been loved immensely by the users in 2016? Here is a list of the best cars which you can own and enjoy the thrill of having one of the best rides of all time.


The BMW M235i

The M235i is one of the smartest cars and it has a compact and killing design. The 320 hp 3.0-litre car comes with brilliant performance and it will roll smoothly on the road. This car comes with a killer design. For those who are looking for a blend of performance coupled with design and brand power, this is surely the car to watch out for.

Cadillac CTS Sport
With a smart and catchy design, the Cadillac CTS Sport comes with an 8-speed shift automatic transmission. The sporty interiors come with the stylish exteriors makes this car one of the top-rated models. With a V6 cylinder, the car has a powerful performance. All those who have a liking for a sports car that can give them the rush of adrenaline should check out this model as it will surely surpass the expectations of others.

Chevrolet Camaro
The Chevrolet Camaro is another great design which has been re-engineered and it now comes with three primetime power train options. It has been bestowed with too many awards which include the most dependable sports car as well.

With the new design, the car is now a lot smaller and lighter architecture but the car is a lot more athletic. The external features are aggressive like the fastback profile. Furtherer care has been taken to offer premium material along with rich texture for the far interiors as well. It is definitely a great pick for the year.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350
Ford is known for being one of the top names in the field of automobiles. It is packed with a series of impressive features which has been rated positively by a lot of people. This model comes with a Shelby GT350 6-speed manual which helps in a powerful performance. The wheels of the car are top-notch as they are 19” ebony black-painted aluminium wheel. Further, there are plenty of other features too like the electronic line-lock and even the power-packed accelerometer and more. The sports inserts in the car are mighty powerful too.

Honda accord

The Honda Accords definitely deserves to be on this list as the makers have spent a long time developing a car that will impress one and all. It runs on 185 hp 2.4 litres four and a six-speed manual. Further, the sports model of this range has a catchy design that makes it a complete eye candy. The bundle of additional features adds to the overall peal.

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No matter, whether you choose to buy these cars or you opt for lease takeovers, if you have a thing for stylish and top cars, pick one from this impressible list of the best cars of 2016 because they are surely going to be a real pleasure to own!

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