Lease Takeovers in Ontario

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The option for a lease takeover in Ontario listed below is just one of the many lease takeovers that you can find around the country and the world. A lease takeover is a little thought of a way to get a new car where you take over someone else’s lease. This allows you to have a new car and help someone else out at the same time! You can also get shorter lease terms by taking over the lease on a car that is closer to the end of its lease.

There are many reasons why someone might wish to seek a lease takeover in Ontario. For example, they may be looking to move and not want to bring their car with them. Another popular reason is that they cannot afford to keep up on vehicle payments. No matter the reason, it is a good opportunity for you.

Lease Takeovers in Ontario

Lease Takeovers in Ontario

If you like this lease takeover in Ontario or you have found another option you have already completed the hardest step in a lease takeover, finding the vehicle. From there on out you will be in for some smooth sailing. Only three steps remain in the process of performing a lease takeover.


1) Speak with the current lessee of the vehicle.

Speaking with the lessee of the vehicle will allow you to get an idea of the facts that aren’t listed in the advertisement for the lease takeover. You can find out why they are looking to perform a lease takeover, the terms and details of their lease, and the history of the vehicle. Despite the fact they may disclose to you the history of the vehicle it is always wise to perform a Carfax check. In order to be able to do this ensure that you ask the current lessee for the Vehicle Identification Number of the car or truck. This is also a good time to discuss who is going to pay the lease transfer fees.

2) Go out and drive the car.

Whether you are buying a brand new car or looking to perform a lease takeover it is a wise decision to take the car for a test drive. You will get the chance to feel how the car handles and to see the car in person.
It is also a good idea to take a mechanic with you to inspect the vehicle for you and give it a rubber stamp of approval. Some mechanic shops will perform a brief inspection on a vehicle during a test drive for a small fee.

3) Fill out the paperwork.

A standard part of the lease is to fill out paperwork. A lease takeover is no different. The leaser will perform a credit check on you in order to ensure that you can keep up with the payments. After that, you will fill out the final paperwork and sign to have the lease takeover in Ontario official put under your name.