One of the best ways get a new car that you like at an outstanding price is to opt for lease takeover in Toronto. Taking over someone else’s lease can give a near new car in good condition at a price that is better than a new lease. There are many reasons that someone may wish to give up their lease and find someone to perform a lease takeover in Toronto. People finding themselves wanting new cars, not having enough money to continue payments, or moving and not wanting to bring the car with them are all reasons that people might seek out a lease takeover. No matter what their reasons are for wanting to give up their lease that spells out a good deal for you, as the potential new lease of the car.

  • 2015 Honda Civic LX Sedan

    $220.00  per month ,
    Months Remaining 14
    Current KM's 35,000
    Remaining KM's 30,000
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    Looking for a driver who would like to take over the lease. This lease agreement still have about 14 months left and it will be expired in July 2018. This car is driven by a non-smoker driver and it’s in very good condition. Details below: Model: 2015 Honda Civic LX Sedan Color: Steel Grey Total […]

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  • 2016 Acura ILX Premium Lease Take Over

    $450.00  per month ,
    Months Remaining 36
    Current KM's 29,000
    Remaining KM's 51,000
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    Lease transfer of a Beautiful, Crafted, Prestige 2016 Acura ILX Premium Package. 1- Acura ILX 2016 Premium Sedan – “Graphite Grey” – 201 HP, i-vtec 2.4L DOHC – K24 engine with 8 speed Dual Clutch Automatic transmission. 2- Lease term: 36 months is left (Original 48 months) 3- Up to 80,000km Warranty 4- Available Mileage […]

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  • 2013 Mini

    $154.00  per month ,
    Months Remaining 81
    Current KM's 26,500
    Remaining KM's 6,000
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    Like new condition, 26.5k one careful owner, comes automatic British racing green with white lines on bonnet

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  • 2016 BMW 3-Series Luxury Line 328i xDrive – Lease Takeover $565

    $566.37  per month ,
    Months Remaining 26
    Current KM's 18,600
    Remaining KM's 46,665
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    Take over my lease for a great deal at only $640.00 per month including tax. Drive for 26 month. Lease expires May 2019. FULLY LOADED Navigation with live traffic updates Heated Steering Heated Rear seats Lane departure Blindspot monitoring Tinted windows Lease protection (excess wear and use package) Premium Package Essentials Executive Package Dont miss […]

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  • 2016 Toyota Prius C, lease transfer get 45K km in 1yr remaining!

    $557.49  per month ,
    Months Remaining 14
    Current KM's 24,000
    Remaining KM's 44,000
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    Beautiful 2016 Prius C – do you need a lot of km but a short commitment? there’s 45,000 km left on this lease and the car is < 1 year old!! Plus it’s a hybrid, so you save on fuel, and help the environment! EXTRAS: cruise control Sirius XM ad-free satellite radio device – 100’s […]

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    $793.54  per month ,
    Months Remaining 1
    Current KM's 1,500
    Remaining KM's 1,500
    Cash Incentive $4,000.00

    I am leaving toronto,

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  • 2016 Nissan Maxima SL Navigation

    $710.05  per month ,
    Months Remaining 36
    Current KM's 6,500
    Remaining KM's 73,500
    Cash Incentive $1,000.00

    Take Advantage Of My Initial Down Payment You are Saving Almost $100.00 Towards Your Lease Payment by Assuming this Lease, Piece of Mind Leasing with Tire and Rim Protection, Scheduled Maintenance and Lease Wear Care. Just Assume My Lease , Lots and Lots Of Free K’s Remaining, Nice Feature Include:18 ” Alloys,Panormic Roof,AM/FM/CD Audio System […]

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  • 2016 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid XLE

    $419.92  per month ,
    Months Remaining 38
    Current KM's 15,250
    Remaining KM's 64,792
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    Get the best of both worlds with this vehicle. You get to drive a sporty SUV with the amazing fuel efficiency. You have all the comforts and conveniences of a luxury SUV without the price tag. Moonroof, heated seats, back up camera, bluetooth, keyless ignition and the list goes on and on.

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  • 2016 Honda Hr-V 4WD LX

    $379.07  per month ,
    Months Remaining 34
    Current KM's 26,000
    Remaining KM's 70,000
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    My HR-V is in excellent condition and has AWD for superior handling and traction. It’s the well equipped LX model with heated seats an mirrors, a back-up camera, 17″ alloy wheels, Bluetooth and much more!! I am also willing to cover all transfer costs!!!

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Performing a lease takeover in Toronto is a fairly simple procedure. It works very similar to the process of leasing a new car from a dealership. This website takes out the need for the first step when it comes to a lease takeover, needing to find the vehicle you want. Once you have the vehicle that you want to takeover the lease from here are the remaining steps:

Contact the seller and ask about the vehicle.

When you ask about the vehicle it is wise to inquire about the history of the vehicle including both service record and accident history. There are some people out there who will try to hide a vehicle’s history so it is wise to get a Carfax or similar car history report. This will allow you to know any and all reported damage. Also ask for the information about the lease. You will want to know the amount of time remaining on the lease, the terms of the lease, the payments, and anything else involved in the lease.

Once you have had time to review the car’s information consider driving it.

It is always wise to test drive any car that you are considering getting. This lets you get the feel for the specific car that you are looking at. It also allows you to know if there are any basic maintenance problems. Bringing your own mechanic to inspect the car doesn’t hurt either.

Negotiate terms with current lease – Lease takeover Toronto

Often times there are fees associated with a lease takeover. Talk with the current lease and negotiate who is going to be responsible for those fees.

Run the credit check and sign the paperwork.

The last step in the takeover process is to run a credit check. Like with a normal lease the leaser wants to know that you will be able to make your payments and the credit check is how they ensure that. You will also need to arrange signing the paperwork and transporting the car. This car and lease takeover in Toronto could provide you with your next dream car.