Takeover a lease in Montreal, or sell your lease for FREE. Start by narrowing down your criteria in the left hand side filters to find your perfect car, SUV, truck and more. Finding a car lease in Montreal has never been easier! From luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW and Porsche, to more economical family cars, we’ve got your perfect vehicle.

  • 2016 Acura ILX

    $466.20  per month ,
    Months Remaining 36
    Current KM's 6,100
    Remaining KM's 73,900
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    I need to transfer the lease of my beautiful, almost new Acura ILX Premium. Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested in the deal below: 1- Acura ILX 2016 Premium Package – Automatic transmission 2- Lease term: 36 months is left 3- Up to 80,000km Warranty 4- Available Miles per […]

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  • 2015 Nissan Micra SV lease transfer

    $306.14  per month ,
    Months Remaining 27
    Current KM's 39,000
    Remaining KM's 61,000
    Cash Incentive $1,500.00

    2015 Nissan MICRA S for only 306,14$/month! Wiling to give cash Incentive of 1500$ Automatic transmission with 39000km! 27 months left on lease with 25,000km / yr allowance, and option to purchase vehicle at the end of the lease for 5 335,88$! It comes with winter and 4 season tires

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    $172.00  per month ,
    Months Remaining 46
    Current KM's 15,600
    Remaining KM's 84,400
    Cash Incentive $1,000.00

    ***TRANSFERT DE LOCATION BAS EN KM *** 172.02$ aux deux semaines TAXES INCLUS. 20000 KMs/année *Je paie le transfert de location *Je viens de changer l’huile de la voiture, pour cette année c’est correcte ! Honda civic 2015 LX BIEN EQUIPÉ. Interieur noir, exterieur blanc + Mags **Non-fumeur** • Automatique • Camera recul • Siege […]

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    $433.59  per month ,
    Months Remaining 30
    Current KM's 25,000
    Remaining KM's 55,000
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    Fantastic lease transfer on this excellent condition SUV with lots of advantages! ECP(Extra Care Protection) for 48 MONTHS/100,000KM with 5 remaining oil changes included. 25000 km’s (80000 km allowed) – equivalent to 22000 Free km’s/year 30 months remaining for only $433.59/month (taxes included) I will pay the transfer fees and 4 winter tires included. Do […]

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    $172.02  per month ,
    Months Remaining 49
    Current KM's 14
    Remaining KM's 86,000
    Cash Incentive $500.00

    ***TRANSFERT DE LOCATION BAS EN KM *** 172.02$ aux deux semaines. 20000 KMs/année *Je paie le transfert de location *Je viens de changer l’huile de la voiture, pour cette année c’est correcte ! Honda civic 2015 LX BIEN EQUIPÉ. Interieur noir, exterieur blanc + Mags **Non-fumeur** • Automatique • Camera recul • Siege chauffant • […]

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  • 2014 honda civic coupe

    $290.16  per month ,
    Months Remaining 22
    Current KM's 36,800
    Remaining KM's 59,200
    Cash Incentive $300.00

    I will pay the first month and the transfer fees. Great condition Good on gas I will include summer and winter tires

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  • 2014 Mercedes C340 Coupe 4matic

    $645.00  per month ,
    Months Remaining 17
    Current KM's 31,500
    Remaining KM's 27,000
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    Fully loaded, AWD, moon roof, red leather interior, white exterior, navigation package, sports AMG package, premium package, sound package. Lease is 560$/month before taxes and 646$/month tax included. You will have to pay transfer fees.

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  • 2015 GTI

    $475.00  per month ,
    Months Remaining 32
    Current KM's 38,000
    Remaining KM's 62,000
    Cash Incentive $2,080.00

    Black on black GTI. 6 speed manual. Fully loaded except navi. Car starter, installed by volks. 32 months left. Over two thousand dollars back at the end of the lease that comes back to the owner at the end of tge lease. Wear and tear protection included.

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    $265.00  per month ,
    Months Remaining 25
    Current KM's 7,000
    Remaining KM's 41,000
    Cash Incentive $0.00

    AMAZING DEAL!! EMPLOYEE PRICING! Price: $265/month tax included! Car details: White body, black cloth cover. 2 doors 1.8 TSI Automatic transmission Black leatherette seats Heated seats Rear spoiler Power adjustable, heatable, body-coloured exterior mirrors with LED turn signals Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity with voice activation RCD 310 AM/FM radio with single CD player and 8 […]

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An Awesome Lease Takeover in Montreal

If you are looking for a new car a lease takeover in Montreal might be the best option for you. Many people find that they no longer want to or can keep up with their lease payments, want a new car, or are having other issues, this means a great opportunity for you.


No matter the reason for wanting to give up their lease you can turn that to your advantage. Lease take overs aren’t as easy as shopping for a traditional car because dealerships don’t have lease takeover options on the lot. Instead you can use a website or go through friends. By using a website like ours you can locate a car that you want with a great deal. A lease takeover in Montreal might solve all of your car woes.


When you are looking for a lease takeover the first step is to find the car that you want to lease. By using our website you have already found the car you want or will find it soon. You have already completed the first step. Once you have found the car that you want lease the next step is to contact the current lessee. They will provide you with any additional information that you will need, such as the history of the car, the details of the lease, potential fees, location, and more. If you have questions make sure that you ask them. It is important that you get the car you want. Don’t forget to get the Carfax!


It is extremely highly recommended that you test drive any car that you consider performing a lease takeover in Montreal with. Test drives allow you to get the feel of the specific car. Different years and trims of cars can handle and feel different. If you know a mechanic you should bring one with you to the test drive. You can also go to mechanic shops and find a mechanic this way. A mechanic will help you identify any potential problems with the vehicle before it is too late.


Now that you know you want the car and everything checks out okay it is time to talk to the leaser and the lessee about paperwork. You will need to run a credit check and history with the leaser. It is just like a traditional lease. Sometimes the credit check is instantaneous and sometimes it will take a day. In most cases it won’t take longer than that. Once you get approved you will have to sign paperwork.



After you sign the paperwork the car is yours for the remaining time on the lease. When the lease expires you will have the option to renew the lease or perform another lease takeover. Lease takeovers in Montreal are a great way to get a new car more often than you would normally be able to do.